DJI Phantom 2 Vision +

Having owned DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision + drone for a few months now I must admit that I am pleased. I will refer to it as the Vision + going forward. I got mine by shopping on B&H Photo & Video; keywords “Aerial Imaging Platforms”.

Straight out of the box this drone is just about ready to fly. Simply charge the batteries and install propellers. Through the use of GPS the Vision + is able to hover and return home when in “fail-safe mode”. These guys have flying down and thankfully so. So when I want to concentrate on my photography, the GPS feature allows me to forget about flying long enough to capture the moment. I can’t imagine how they might improve that going forward.

The camera is stabilized during flight using the installed 3-axis gimbal. This will ensure smooth videos even in mildly windy conditions.

A download to your iPhone or Android is required in order to operate the camera over the drone’s built in wifi. Most important about this app is that it allows you to fly in “first person view”. The app will provide you with important information such as altitude, speed, battery life, and the number of satellites it sees to name a few. When you’re done flying the app can be used to view and share video footage or stills.

The Vision + also has it’s own integrated camera capable of taking stills or HD video. Video quality is as good as many of the digital SLR’s on the market today. You might say that the Vision + has an advantage over handheld DSLR’s in that you can avoid camera shake. The 14 mega pixel camera leaves a void with DSLR owners looking for high resolution. Perhaps you get what you pay for is in order. My hope is that as DJI comes out with future models, they remember affordability.

Be sure to check out my aerial photos for some exciting looks through the Vision +!