Time Lapse Series

Windy City River Rides

(click image to see YouTube time lapse video)

Windy City River Rides


Equipment Used:

  • Canon 70D with Sigma’s 18 – 250mm lens
  • Manfrotto Tripod
  • Intervalometer

The Process:

  • I found a spot in the Chicago area that I thought would have a fair amount of movement. In this case the Chicago River just off of Michigan Ave.
  • I composed my shot and fired off a test shot. A review on the LCD screen would have my making some slight composition adjustments. I noticed some movement on the left side of the frame coming from building window washers. They had to be included.¬†Few clouds in the skies meant that I would not give the sky much of the frame as that movement would be minimal.
  • I checked my focus by using the camera’s “Live View” mode enlarged to its maximum.
  • I turned off the camera’s Auto Focus.
  • I set my camera to take small RAW files just in case I wanted to change white balance in post processing.
  • I set the lens’ Optical Stabilization to on because of my being setup on a bridge that vibrated under heavy traffic.
  • I would also hang a heavy camera bag on the tripod hook for added stability.
  • I set my Intervalometer to begin shooting in 5 seconds. Subsequent shots would occur every 4 seconds.
  • 855 shots later and I’m ready for that digital darkroom.

In the Digital Darkroom

  • Once downloaded to the computer, shots can be imported into Lightroom.
  • Edit one image and “sync” other other shots to the recipe.
  • Export finished shots into iMovie or some other movie making software.
  • Save your finished movie and export to your favorite site or to your computer.