Drone Use Becoming a National Problem


Drone And Plane In Near Miss Close To Heathrow

Senator Feinstein Now Using Safety Concerns To Target The Drone Industry

FAA List Of Reported Drone Incidents Indicates A Problem. But It’s Not What You Think.

Drones From Santa Could Bring Penalties If Misused



Do you see a problem in these headlines? Do you see how the media uses these stories to sensationalize an otherwise mute story? With the advent of smart phone technology you would think that someone in the world would have video of that near miss with that reported passenger plain encounter. Someone would have certainly got a photo of that drone pausing as it flew by Emily’s bedroom window.

Yes there’s good and bad across all spectrums of life and drone enthusiasts are not immune to this sort of thing. I admit that some legislation is needed only because I know it’s inevitable. The media has made it so. After all they are in the business of selling news. And when they do that well, advertisers will come. Motive is strong. Politicians looking to increase their notoriety make issue of drone technology to keep their name out there. Visibility means that they can spend another four or so years doing nothing at tax payer expense. An even stronger motive.