Public Exhibition for Photographers Forum (Chicago)

If you’re like most folks with a camera, you’ve probably got some killer images that belong in the Museum of Fine Art. I sure feel that way about a lot of my images. I’ve lived in the Chicagoland area for about three years now. I’m looking to collaborate with other local photographers with similar ambitions. My idea would be to rent a space somewhere in the city to publicly display what we’re about as artists. A chance to let others into your eyes, if only for a moment, to see what you saw. What would a venture like this would look like? I don’t know yet but I’d like to hear your thoughts and ideas. I’m wanting people that are passionate about their photography. A passion that makes the viewers’ minds wonder and wander. Yes… I’m looking for photographers interested in going in on the setup / rental of a space to show the city what you’ve got. I think that this kind of exposure, especially in a big city like Chicago, can only help to get yours and my name out there.

Morning Glory
Morning Glory

Experience spoke to me one day and said “hey… it doesn’t make a difference what kinda camera you got. they all take great photos.”.

This photo was taken using my GoPro HERO4 Black. Though only a 12MP camera I think it did a pretty decent job considering.

If you’re in the Chicagoland Area and would like to rent a space to exhibit your work, leave a comment below.