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My name is Paul and I’m a multi-site retail manager for a successfully growing company. I have the pleasure of working with perhaps some of the greatest talent money can buy. I’m known by my company as the transit. Others prefer to call me CCC. I began working for my employer in Cleveland Ohio. Years later I moved to Columbus Ohio. Late last year they transferred me to Chicago Illinois. When the Windy City was first brought up I immediately thought about all of the great shot opportunities I’d have. It’s been fun I must say.

It's Me Paul
Paul in his element. Photo taken by Fred Miller.

I’m an army veteran that spent nine years serving my country and I have no regrets about that! My thoughts and prayers go out to our military and their families.

I believe that good photos rarely come straight from the camera without undergoing some sort of operations in the digital darkrooms of Photoshop, Lightroom, or what ever else you choose. This notion comes from years of tweaking my own photos so that they are just right to me. I emphasize me because what I do to a photo will most likely be different from what you might do. Cameras do have limitations related to light. Lenses have focal length limitations. I could go on and on about imperfections in the DSLR and even myself. Yes I’m a firm believer that most photos undergo some sort of transformation in the digital darkroom. I’m always looking to do the hardest thing I can think of to ensure few people will attempt to follow or imitate me.

Anyway I was bitten by the Photo Bug many years ago when cameras had film in them. Okay so now I’m giving my age away. I like to spend my free time out and about looking for the next capture.



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