Building a New Chicago
Building a New Chicago

The art of doing bokeh photography, particularly at night, has become a new focus of mine. That aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image. Yes… It’s seemingly magical to my eyes especially after dark. It leaves the out of focus points of light up to my viewer to fill in. In this image of the construction barrier light I wanted just enough of the next barricade to let the viewer know that something was being built. I found my inspiration for such an image on There I recall an image of two ladies sharing a single umbrella beneath a rainy night against a blurred background of city lights. I recollect the reflection of night lights in a puddle of rain water in the image’s foreground. Check back soon as I’ll surely find beauty in the most mundane of subjects that most will pass by and hardly notice. This is why I have a camera.


Tender Softness

Tender Softness caught my eye only because it seemed as though these were the only two blooms that were joined together. The two seemed like friends among all other flowers. And how better to call attention to these than with a shallow depth-of-field? Anyway the city has done a nice job this year in getting out the blooms. What I can’t do for you here is to share the aroma with you. You’ll just have to come to the Windy City for yourself.



Little Sumpin Extra

I never heard of this beer before but saw it’s empty bottle sitting on the iron bridge in downtown Chicago. My only adjustment for the scene was to turn the bottle almost all the way around. Perhaps I should have gotten rid of the glass but decided to keep it. Click, click, and click… The rest is history.


Divvy Divvy

I wanted to do something different on the night that I set out to do some evening bokeh photography. For me opening up my aperture just wasn’t enough. I took two shots of this scene; one at f1.8 and the other at f22. In the digital darkroom of Photoshop I opened the two images up in separate layers. From the f22 image I decided to keep only the “DIVVY” captions on each of the six bicycles. I think it made for an interesting shot.

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